Just bought a blackheart. Man that little thing is f**ing awsome! When you dime the volume it sound like 70s rock. And it sound any greater when you use the Boss DS-1 also. You can switch between 3 and 5 wats. if you wanna play in your bedroom you just switch it to 3 watts. I really recomend this amp!

Picture: http://img329.imageshack.us/img329/3505/dsc00420mi7.jpg

single channel?

I read about these in guitar world i forget whether or not it was a single channel, anyway it got really good reviews. Also how is the volume? Gigable?

I might look these amps tho. Whats really awesome about them? persuade me!!!!!
they're only single channel. but with a tube if you're careful you can switch between clean and dirty with your guitars volume knob.
Yes it is a single channel. it is only 5 watt so it isnt exstremly loud but it is loud. im running my through a marshall 2*12 cab and it it loud! The awsome about them is that you can switch between 3 and 5 watts and it is a tube amp. when you have the volume at about 8 o'clock you got a nice country clean tone. but when you push it to 12 o'clock you got a dirty tone. from 12 and down to maks you have nice classic distortion( marshall bluesbreaker sound). and as i said before im also running a boss ds-1 through it to get a little thicker sound and that sounds great.