I was practicing a new scale one day, and got pretty annoyed with always having to stop and adjust the metronome and start again. So i made this metronome that does it for me.

You set a start BPM and End BPM. The bpm will never go over end.
Then you set how big a step you want for each interval.
Then you set the interval. Either by sec or Beats. If you select seconds it changes BPM after the set seconds. If you check beat it changes BPM after the amount of beats you set in interval.

Thats it. If you find any errors please write them in here.

You can download it right here
nice. will use it for sure.

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Quote by one vision
THERES A METRONOME IN GUITAR PRO? I just make like a million empty bars and put the metronome on, but is there one that just clicks without having to make empty bars?

Use the repeat function?