i am into hard rock/metal stuff, I shed too for my solos. but I am having trouble deciding between these two guitars. The Gibson SG Standard, and the Gibson Les Paul Standard w/ a 60's neck. i have played both a lot, and love them more than any other guitar in the world. Can you please help me decide. Like which one has better sustain, and is easier to shred on? But keep in mind I don't always shred, I do in a few songs. But my shred really is just like Slash in Paradise City. you know fast, and really melodic too. Thanks.
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I would say SG; way lighter and much better upper fret access. I loved playing the SG in the store. Personally, I think it would be better. Plus, Daron from SOAD uses an SG and it works for him, so...yay.
ive always shied away from SG's and opted for pauls solely for the fact of the location of the strap button on the SG's. when standing up if you let go, the headstock is heavy and the neck tips down and points to the floor.
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Go with the SG, and spend the money to have it modified with some EMG ZWs, it's truly worth it.
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I'd go for the LP

but i would also happily bum slash so maybe im slightly biased

I also dont like the way the SG's Headstock falls to the floor when ur standing.
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I was leaning towards the SG too actually, but I own an Epi LP right now, and it is very comfortable where the SG is newer and I am not so used to playing such a light guitar.
"Nice boys don't play rock n' roll" - Axl Rose in (Nice Boys cover)
I would go for the Les Paul. Although I have a SG i still would rather have a les paul. It feels like a guitar to me. The SG is kinda smaller.
the les paul is gonna have more sustain as it has more wood to vibrate and the neck joint is deeper. Plus with the 60's neck it should be easier to move about.
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I'd say Gibson Les Paul but berry in mind that you cannot reach upper fret comfartably.
id go with the les paul
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dude more than likely youll have to decide whether you like angus young or slash if its really that close. i got a les paul and presonally id go for it
umm if youre into slash.... lp
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I say SG
I just got my Epiphone G-400 (cherry red) yesterday
It's a beauty

Although it is neck heavy and the headstock goes down when your standing up.
It's better than standing up and holding the weight of a les paul
If you compare the two by weight an SG feels like a feather

Not to mention the SG is a beast.
It plays it all.
You'll be playing some terror then you can switch it up to some sad melodic minor riffs

Although both are very nice guitars though
But you know, everyone has different tastes.
the Gibson SG Standard has more balls

the stock pickups are really good IMO
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I always like the SG more.

It must be pretty versatile since people from Tony Iommi all the way to Robbie Krieger play it.
Les Paul, always, the SG Standards pickups is direct in the pickguard, NOT good. The SG is neck heavy, very uncomfartable when standing and has a PAINTED neck as far as I know, well the SG i tried had that. The strap comes off the button easy because of that it's placed at the back of the guitar. Go with the LP!!!!!!!!
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My choice would be the Les Paul - you get awesome sustain and an awesome and broad range of tones. The downside is that it weighs a bit more than other guitars and has irritating upper fret access. Even so, somehow the LP just "fits me", the neck feels just right and the weighting is perfect. Even the way it sits is ideal for me, whilst this is only my opinion, I'm just showing you that there are people who might say they find the LP more comfortable and to their liking.

The SG has better upper fret access and is light and more ergonomic than a Les Paul. The trade-off is lesser sustain, odd balancing, tuning instability and (IMO) a less broad range of tones.

Your call TS...you've got to try them both and compare every aspect of them, and see which one you like best.