A King's Revenge

The spirit of our land lays in ruin
Vengeful deciet had taken our pride <---- Verse
the hand that fed the weak and poor
was cut short, and thrown into the depths of war

In times of need, his words were there <----- Pre chours
In times of pain, our wounds he healed
In times of danger, his sword shawn bright
but now his memory is all that remains

The king lay dead
and the kingdom is broken <----- Chours
the people mourn
but revenge shall be mine

A man of song
his deeds were grand
this loss is great
for our king is gone

My kingdoms colours on my tabbard will be shown
the hateful lust in my soul will be known <----------- Verse
they took my mentor, I'll take thier lives
Ill collect thier heads, for trophies of this fight

My horse rides on, my nerves are hardened
Fury of the dragon, fuels my pride <------------- Pre chours
A lust for blood, my blade needs quenching
the blood will be spilt, revenge shall be mine
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i liked it but i noticed the flow changes in the second n 3rd partwas that on purpose?

c4c my song killing the bitch
Just because I play the drums doesn't mean I suck at guitar, or ams that I's iz stoopidz.

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