This was pretty nice but I thought that the riff was a bit generic sounding. Also, you might want to add some variation to the riff the second and fourth time you play it, in order to not make it dull. The drums were pretty good too. Just continue with it and try to add some more interesting and faster riffs also.
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I think this is a pretty nice song. I liked the solo and the outro. Don't really think it becomes 'dull' after a while. You should shorten the gap between the distorted and the acoustic part, you'd expect the song to be over already before the outro comes.

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the end is just begging to have a chord to finish it off. w/o it, the song sounds like it just falls off the track or something.

also shorten the gap between distort and clean part
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I wasn't mad about the electric parts IMO you didn't develop any of the ideas enough.
I though the 2nd half was quite nice, if you were to record that I would look at putting a keyboard under it and mabye some lead w/delay over the 2nd half.

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Very well done. I particularly like the outtro. You might want to work on finding a different way to finish the solo. Also, I'd like to hear what this would sound like with a vocal melody.