that is crazzzzyyy
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Well I didn't figure out that the X's meant "mute the string" for a long time. But that tab looks crazy, I also don't know how to read whatever language that tab is in. But for normal tabs, if you see an X, then lift your finger off of the fretboard so you're barely touching the string (don't push the string down onto the fretboard) & strike it.
lol thats either chineese or japaneese or something like that so i'd say... forget about it!:P
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What is it with these cheap Asian ripoffs of UG?

I'm ignoring the fact the real one is Russian for the purposes of sounding annoyed.
I belive the numbers below the tab tell you where to fret and the 'x's tell you on what string, the rest of it is to do with timing like crotchets and semiquavers ect or quarter and half notes as you americans like to call them

I'm not 100% certain but i think that's right

EDIT: in some ways this system is more accurite and easier to play the song with if i'm right, if i'm wrong it's a load of crap of course

EDIT2: acctually looking at it again more closely it makes absolutly no sense to me
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That is definitely Chinese and I'm pretty sure it's not a tab, it's just how Chinese sheet music is written.
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