Hey dudes,

I just imported a DS (as in Nintendo DS) from the USA (cuz they'r cheaper yo ! icon_biggrin.gif). And obviously I'll need to charge it. Would just buying a plug converter (From USA to EU socket) work or do i have to get a EU charger because of voltage issues.


P.S. only answer if you know what your talking about.
My dad sent me a gameboy from Australia a few years ago and I just use it with a converter plug.

But anyways it's up to you whether you want a new charger or a converter plug. Just buy whatever is cheaper I guess.
you need to look at the charger. somewhere, it should specify what input voltages it can take. some items can take a range, eg 100-240V. some cannot. if it can take the input voltage in you country, you just need a simple travel adaptor. if not, you need a more complex adaptor that costs more money, or an EU charger.
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