Hey all, when i play music from my laptop through my stereo i get a buzzing sound, its like the computer working since it makes little noises when i minimize/maximize windows. Just wondering if there was anyway to remove the sound without buying a new stereo, its really quite annoying lol.

My laptop does the same thing when plugged into my speakers.
Unless I unplug it from the mains, then it seems to lose the buzzing.
The buzz seems to decrease the lower I have the Bass set.
Try that I guess.
actually... i know exactly what that is. i was using my laptop through a PA system to play music and i was getting a hum or buzz noise out of the speakers. at first i thought it was a bad speaker cable, but this guy came up to me and gave me a small device. im not sure where to get it...probably any big electronics store....but it just looks like the plug on the power cord. your power cord plugs into it, and it plugs into the wall. it does something to the ground, and stops the buzzing noise.

He told me that they are only like $5 (cdn.)

Hope that helps...
Dirty Sanchez