Ok, so tomorrow i'm going to buy one for my bass. Ive seen a Zoom B1 and my mate says its a good one and for the price im getting it (£27). I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any better in that price range (around £20-£40 and i want a multi-effects one)

Thanks In Advance
I've got that version but with the pedal and I really don't like it personally. Waste of cash IMO.
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i've got the B2, and my friend has the B1.1, both are great
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id say use a synth tone one or like a bass wah-wah to my taste they give the low end a little more flare
Just save some more and buy either the B2 or the B2.1u.

Ive tried them and i tell you the B1 looks like a piece of plastic in the side of a B2 xD
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save up and get something way better, look at the Boss and Digitech pedals as well. Whatever one you get make sure it has a wah/expression pedal on it because you'll eventually want/need one.
check out these



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Save up a bit mroe for a better pedal, or try and find a second hand one off ebay / forums/ etc