my guitar teacher was teaching me about how you can play any scale and it has the same # of steps in it and he really confused me. also he said that B has no sharp and that E has no sharp. is that true and can you help me figure out what he was talking about?

Sequoia Christian
I'm not sure if I know what you mean, but I'll try to help. Are you familiar with the "musical alphabet" (A B C D E F G)?
I jsut typed out an entire discussion of for you bro, and now the comp wont ****ing post it, its ****in all up.. goddamn library comps..

Sry dude.. but i spent a bit of time onall that.. and im just not going to retype all that **** all over again ((

mm maybe it will send, dont know, if not, im sure someone can help ya out, basicaly the C major scale is made up of Whoel steps and half steps, whole steps being two notes with 1 fret in between them, and a half step being only one fret away (the two notes are right beside each otehr) The C major scale follow s a certain formula of whole and half steps. between notes. here it is, W W H W W W H

if you follow that formula for whereever you play on the guitar, youre basically playing the C scale "STRUCTURE", but just ina different key.. i think the C scale would begin at say... the 8th fret (on standard tuning) correct me if im wrong, im a bit fuzzy on the details.

and what the guy above said, the musical "alphabet" is - A B C D E F G .... in response to what your teacher was saying about the B and E notes (THEY DO HAVE SHARPS, ITS JUST THE SHARPS HAPPEN TO BE THE VERY NEXT NOTE,) for example B# = C and E# = F
that is because they only have a half step in between each other (If you look at a piano, look at the first tetrachord and youll see the first note of the C major scale, that note being (duh!) C.


| |||| |
| |||| |
| |||| | <--- we have here a three keys on a piano.
| |||| | <--- the distance between the two white keys is a whole step
| | | <--- the distance of one white key to the adjacent black key is a half step.

anyhow enough of that.. im tired, pissed off that all that **** earlier didnt post :P maybe ill help out later if no1 else does