I need help with a song that I am trying to learn. The only thing I need help with is 2 chords in the intro that i cant figure out how to play. Just listen to the first 12 seconds, that's the only part of the song I need your help with. This is the link to the song:

The Intro:

(?) = The two chords I need help with.

Thank You
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Please help, major or minor? Is it even chords? :P Just write anything that can help me. All you have to do is click on the link, listen to the song for 12 secounds and see if you know any of the two mysterious chords I need help with.

I'm not exactly sure what the chords are since the song has too much effects to figure out. But it seems like it's a C Major and a G Major chord.
Okay thanks i'll try that! lol I havent even tried the most basic chords. :P
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Damn, It did'nt sound right either. But Thanks anyway

Everyone else, feel free to guess what chords it is :P