My cover of Hotel California together with musical genious Jimmy Gelhaar.. It took us almost 2 months to make.

I hope you like it! The link is...


Best regards,


Btw.. sorry for the title of this post, don't know if you like it, but I'm very curious what you guitarists think of it!
that was great!
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sweet, how did u guys meet and decide to do this?
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Thank you! And how we met? It was via YouTube. I made a song together with someone else, Jimmy saw it and saw my guitarpeaces of the Eagles and wanted to collaborate.. And almost 2 months later, busy sending files over and over to each other, we finished it, made a videoclip and put it online.. Only problem was that YouTube deleted our first video (we had 40.000 views in 4 days).. We had to put it online again, but now the views are less.. That's too bad, but great you guys love it!
Background vocals were too upfront and over-powering (in my opinion),..other than that,nice job...i liked it.
The production values are great, and the concept of recording it together via the internet is awesome. The playing is all excellent on it. Good job.

I'll say I'm not a big fan of it, but that's just personal taste. The Eagles are quite good and all, but I guess the sound they got (and you guys pulled out) in production, and their general song writing doesn't specifically speak to me. Great job though guys. Just not my thing
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I guess we did our best to create the Hotel California vibe (but then a bit in our own style). Of course, it's juste taste if you like it or not!
Next Tuesday I'll go to them in concert! I guess I then finally will know how the real Eagles' vibe feels! Can't wait!