I used to play that game everyday on the PSX

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I loved that game too.

The taser took about 10 years to kill someone. I could go for a dump, murder a panda, skin a llama, watch a season of Friends, and it's still going. (Personal experience. )
I think the closest game I ever played to SF on XB was probably Splinter Cell. I bought Chaos Theory the day it came out, and I love it still. You have to be more stealthy in splinter cell though. Rainbow Six is kinda similar too I guess. Rent some games to see what you like. I think they actually put out another SF not too long ago.
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i would agree with splinter cell, BUT call of duty 4 is amazing, and Vegas II just came out today
incubus rocks my world
Syphon filter was the **** when it came out. the first three were great but the 4th one sucked balls and thats the last one I played. I was honestly suprised they didn't take the syphon filter theme and make it into a movie. It had a killer story line for a video game like that IMO>
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syphon filter was the ****. I loved the first one. I loved tasing people until they burned to death or just blowing their brains out with a shotgun. The second one kinda sucked, it was way too hard. The third one was great tho. there arent many games like it anymore, the standards for games back then were different than they are now. Just Cause has similar controls, but the story line sucks balls, man i really cant think of anything right now.
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I remember reading the reviews, nearly creaming myself.

Syphon filter 1&2 were totally awesome and cool, even though some people thought that
it was just a poor man's Metal Gear Solid.
I loved Syphon Filter. I have SF1 for PS1 but I sometimes play it on my PS2. Can't save, though. It's still fun!
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Oh. My. God. That game was the shizzle. Logan, haha. The tazer gun thing. I loved the Russian level where I always died, and following that Russian guy.