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Now I've been a long and devoted fan to the fifa football games, since 1999. I've bought pretty much every one up to 2005. 2003 was where it all started happening and 2005 was pretty good, except for some stupid glitches.

Now I played 2006 and decided it was pretty rubbish, the gameplay just wasn't up to much and the graphics were, imo, worse that 2005.

I just played 2007 and 2008 and my god they are truely awful. The gameplay is awful, I can't say one good thing about it Anyway...

Also the new PES game it bad too

Anyway, favourite (recent) fifa game?
I've loved the career modes in some of the older games, I think it's 2005 that's my favourite out of the bunch.

Gameplay-wise, I much prefer Pro Evo though. The added detail on the footballer's legs made it much easier to masturbate over.



Gameplay-wise, I much prefer Pro Evo though. The added detail on the footballer's legs made it much easier to masturbate over.



I agree about the gameplay, not sure about the masturbate bit ( good lie )

The carrer is much better on Fifa tho. I'd say 06 cause that was the last one i had

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Fifa '08. Just 'cause it gave me the best day of my life. ;D
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I've actually just gotten into Football again because of it.
The last one I had before that was 99.
FIFA 98 Road To World Cup is the best FIFA game ever to be conceived. Absolute genius. THe rest are crap.
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Where's 02?

Yea, actually, wasn't there a five-a-side option in that game? Where the hell did that feature go? I loved it.
they all sucked...
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I want to see Fifa '64 on the list, it was on Nintendo 64! From like 97 season or something...
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Where's 1997?? That was the best, you could score right from the kickoff.

But now I like 2008, any football game really, cause a friend has it and it's just major fun to play tournament or just a regular match. It's just too funny to play with friends.

It's also nice if you play with a crap team (1.5 stars) and beat Manchester United (5 stars I thought) with 3-1
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