Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

1. I can't break away by big pig
2. walk away by bricklin
3. play with me by extreme
4. not so far away by Glen Burtnick
5. two heads are better than one by power tool
6. in time by robbie robb
7. dangerous by shark island
8. father time by shark island
9. dancing with a gypsy by tora tora
10. the boys and girls are doing it by vital signs

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

1. Shout it out by slaughter
2. battle stations by winger
3. drinking again by neverland
4. Dream of a New Day by Richie Kotzen
5. Reaper by Steve Vai
6. Perfect Crime by Faith No More
7. Go to Hell by Megadeth
8. Tommy the Cat by Primus
9. Junior's Gone Wild by King's X
10. Showdown by Love on Ice
11. Reaper Rap by Steve Vai
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just done battle stations tab in guitar pro.

Could you please get me "Two Heads Are Better Than One"?