Hiya guys I have a Boss NS-2 to silence my veryy noisy Boss Md-2 Distortion and it does the job awesomely. The only snag is that it totally ruins my attack because it takes like a second for the volume to increase to normal level. My setup is Ax-250/Samson Wireless/BOSS TU-2/BOSS NS-2 w BOSS MD-2 in loop/BOSS RC-2/Laney 120MXD Hardcore Twin Combo.

Is there some setting that maybe will get rid of this problem? My current settings are threshold at 1 oclock and decay totally off. If this problem cannot be resolved are there noise gates out there that won't do this to my attack?

I heard some pretty good stuff about the ROCKTRON HUSH SUPER C rack unit? What do you think guys? All opinions are infinetly welcome!!!!!

Thanks in advance!!!!
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ISP Noise Decimator.

I thought I was the only one that knew of that amazing piece of awesomeness. Honestly, best noise gate I've ever played. I swear by it.
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