Ive been playing for about 2-3 months now trying to teach myself, Im getting used to playing by checking out songs I know and like. And it seems I've come to something I can't really understand.

How is one supposed to play a chord that's on two not-adjacent strings?


Such as that (song: missed the boat, modest mouse) is it like 2 guitars playing each note or am I supposed to play both notes, muting the middle string, and if so, how would i do that?
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The easiest way for me is like this: Play the 9 with your pinky or ring finger, and the 7 with your index. Do the same with any chord like that. Mute the middle with your middle or index.
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Yes, mute the middle string with the finger you use to fret the base of the octave chord.
What works for me is playing the top note with my ring finger, then mute the middle string with my middle finger. I play the lower note with my index finger, which also mutes the low E string.

They're not chords by the way, they are octaves.

Edit: I also mute the E and B strings with my index finger if needed, or just don't hit them with the pick, whatever works for you.
no-ones told youhow to mute the middle string but hasnt said how,which is what you asked for, basically, with ur ring finger, play the lower note in the octave, but have that finger gently touching the next string, but not pressing it against a fret, then with ur index finger, play the hiher note in the octave. basically you can work it out once you know that just by lightly touching the string you can mute it.
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