i'm looking for a decently versatile tube amp, below $800 if possible. i don't mind having to buy a d-pedal if it's not versatile enough though. looking for something below 15w. if anyone has some suggestions i'd appreciate it. thanks.
Spider Valve?
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What specific genres are we talking here?
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Fender blues junior combo amp is a pretty good and versitale tube amp from what I hear.

I could help out a bit more if you would tell me what genres you play.
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Peavey Windsor if you don't want cleans, fender Blues junior with a bad monkey if you want cleans and disto.
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neither the peavey windsor nor the fender blues junior are versatile
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What specific genres are we talking here?

i play almost everything, which is why im looking for something versatile. some bands i play:

rage against the machine
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Orange tiny terror or a Peavey Classic, maybe.
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Traynor Valve 40 combos sound unbelievable and are pretty versatile.
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Versatile = Carvin V3 I think you have to buy it used for it to be under $800 though..There was a $700 one around Christmas on Ebay..
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How about a cheaper amp like the Blackhearts and hit it up with a few pedals to boost its versatility?
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Look into the rivera Pubster/clubster. cant remeber which one is 25 watts. at bedroom volume you get alot of versitility for cleans, blues and plenty for modern rock.