Sounds like bending and whammy bar to me.

edit: also some sliding and it seams he uses a little bit of wha pedal.
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The sounds at the beginning of The Audience is listening, how does he do it?!

He does a few different sounds in that part; some of it's just a note and the whammy bar, some of it's things like pick scratching and the wah, there's some harmonics and a chord in there as well, he does all sorts of things; I think the best thing you could do would be to try and work it out yourself unfortunately because it's very hard to describe.
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whammy bar, playing tech, wah, and a few others. its a bitch to do. guitar world had the tab a while back, if you can find it good luck. that song is the main reason i got a 7 string.
I was actually playing around with the same thing today!!!

I'm pretty sure that he slides notes, and uses a trem and wah pedal to get the more vocal effect. But I have no idea how he makes the old lady talk, I'd imagine it's a reverb with just a touch of Depends.

Great song, though. If only I could play like Steve Vai.
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hey I could really do with that tab:P
If you could upload a pic or tab it out it'd be really helpful?
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The old lady is actually talking.....

But yep, slides, legato, whammy bar, wah pedal. The tab was in guitar one, not guitar world. I have it if you need it.

oops my bad, forgot that it was guitar one. i have too many mags lol