whenever i strum on acoustic i can hear my pick hit the guitar strings (kinda like when you mute all the strings and try to strum, that sound ) , its not really loud but its noticeable. Is it because of the type of pick im using? its a fender medium, should i use a light? or is it because im not holding the pick tight enough. like im holding it tight, but if i hold it too tight its hard to strum in rhythm, or is it just because my guitar sucks
you can hear it because when one thing strikes another thing, it usually makes a noise.


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i think its cause youre paying wayyyyy too much attention to the sound of your pick and not the sound of your guitar genius... try listening to what youre playing...
Listen to any song on any album of any artist that uses a guitar and you'll hear some of the pick...
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Sometimes I find that I am strumming along the strings too much instead of across. Like pick scraping. Could be that perhaps.
I use medium w/electric, light w/acoustic. Light picks flow alot easier when strumming.
i use .58 picks but below that, i feel like i hear the pick dragging along the strings...if that helps, try a little heavier pick and at this point ur prob just thinkin bout it too much
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Now listen to old metallica. Constant pick scrape. I like it.
You should have a variety of picks anyway. Generally tho, the thicker and heavier gauge the pick is, the quieter it will be when you pick. I've got all sorts, and depending on my mood and what I am playing, I'll use different ones. The ultra thin ones make for nice fast speed picking, while the heavy fat ones are good for loud strumming. Just buy a bunch of different ones and experiment.