I have just bought my first half stack a Crate GLX1200 head and a G412SL cab and i was very exited to fire up but then... I coldnt start it. can anyone tell me why i cant my first idea was that there is a Fuse needing cause there is actually an empty hole on the back for a fuse but it seems so stupid to sell such big amp without a Fuse i cant see anthing else but if you know a way to make it turn on write please.

but really, that sucks

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take it back and get a good ol tube combo amp.
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So no lights come on, nothing?

Definately an issue! Besides checking that the power is plugged... check that there is a fuse.

Beyond that, I imagine somebody may have to look at your amp, as anything else I imagine that would cause this would be internal damage/etc.
i'd like to see the inside, but yes, it's broken or needing a part assuming youre not a jackass, and know to plug your gear in.
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I just noticed you are in Denmark...

Doesn't Europe run power at a higher voltage (more than the 120V we use in the U.S.)? If you plugged an amp configured to run at 120V into a higher voltage source, you might have popped the fuse or damaged the amp. See if the amp has a switch on back for the AC voltage input. (just a thought)

Regardless... it really does sound like the amp is damaged internally. Good luck!
I odered it online since transport was easier and i dont got a car or anything so i couldnt check it but its brand new so i can hardly believe it should be broken internly and im very sure i plugged it in right.
The AC cable is a 250 and i should be able to run 250 volt so i dont think thats a problem
What I'm saying is... is the AMP configured to take in 250V? The cable doesn't really matter.

Most appliances made for the states usually run in 120V... and many guitar amps have a little switch in back, that allow you to switch the voltage.

Make sure the back of the amp, where the plug plugs in, says "250V AC" (or that there is some sort of switch, and switch it to 250V). If the input only says "120V" and there is no switch, you purchased a bad amp for your situation.
There is no switch on the back but i think it is build for sale in europe because its filled with stickers on the back that says 250 volts. But thanks

I still think its the needing fuse and when easter is over and the music stores open i will go look for the fuse. Even though i still think its weird to sell an amp without the fuse.