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I've been playing the ancient classic game, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and remembered that it has a pretty awesome soundtrack. I'd like to find more music like it.

Listen to "Crystal Teardrops" and "Dracula's Castle"

Listen to "Prologue"

How would you describe this style? And do you know of any composers who write this kind of stuff (besides the guy who wrote music for the game, of course)?

I'd say that "Dracula's Castle" and "Prologue" are sort of gothic rock/metal. The thing is, I've never listened to any Gothic music before, so I can't really compare. Sounds a bit like something Randy Rhoads would play.

What about "Crystal Teardrops"? What would the piano part be described as? I'd say it's jazz, but then jazz is such a broad term. Are there any similar sounding compositions? I don't know jazz very well.
Crystal Teardrops isn't jazz, but it uses some chords that can be attributed to jazz. I heard some dominant chords in there. But no, if you listen to any real jazz, you'd think otherwise.

It's electronic music.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Honestly, Crystal Teardrops sounds like bad porn music.

Prologue is like power metal or hair metal

Draculas castle reminds me of DragonForce on a keyboard
No idea... it's good and bad at the same time.

How about VSTi-core.
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Crystal teardrops isn't jazz. It has a jazzy paino arprggieo that repeats, but besides that, there is nothing remotely jazzy about it.
That game has to have the best video game soundtrack ever.

not that I have any of it in my computer or anything....