Alright, i've posted here about one type of thumb pain I used to have (and I got a lot of great help - now it's gone) but now another's just popped up over the last 5-7 hours and it's bloody annoying.

I've been playing a lot of songs where I have to have my left hand very widely widely spread to reach the necessary frets & strings, and everything's fine until I take a break, let go of the neck, and clench a fist; I have a really bloody bad pain in the joint in my thumb just above the nail (don't know if that joint has a name...) the pain's over a very small area, and it's definently not good. I don't have my thumb hanging over the top of the neck, I have it parallel with the neck (That's the way i've had it for the last 5 years and it's been fine). Any stretches/solutions? - Or will it just pass?

Cheers tonnes for any help!

Well my thumb on my right hand developed this weird popping feeling.....Like, if I try to put my thumb in towards my palm, it pops really bad where my thumb and wrist meet. My doctor said that I've develop cordoveins (sp?). It's something that happens to old people.....It's a form of a RSI....a repetitive strain injury.....So he gave me steroids cuz my problem was with a tendon....Just go to the doctor, man....That's all I can tell you....Oh, and this was like a year ago and it's still popping....So go to a good doctor.
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My thumb has done this before too, and I can pop my thumbs, so I just make a fist with the thumbs inside it and squeeze really tight to pop it. I guess you could try this, but not everyone can do it. It really helps for me though.