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Gibson Explorer (see post)
13 76%
Gibson Firebird V
4 24%
Voters: 17.
Ok, I found this on craigslist...

Now, the price is really good, but I'm worried about the Neck....
Any questions I should ask?

Also, I've been debating on which guitar to buy,
Standerd explorer
A Firebird V

So what do you guys think?
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600 bucks for a repaired and beaten Explorer?

...I'd buy it.

I've tried a 1983 Gibson Firebird V. That thing has a neck as thick as a baseball bat. Seriously. Past the 12th fret, it's a ****ing log. Unless you have vast hands, you won't enjoy it.

And the modern one seems overpriced.
Personally I'd want to see several pictures of the actual guitar not a listing from Musicians Friend.
a half price explorer with only a few dings?

id take it.
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I'm asking him a for a ton of pics.
So we shall see
I'll update with the pics when he sends them..
Favorite Artists/Bands
1.John Mayer
2.Smashing Pumpkins