Hey everyone. I am reading about recording software and deciding what to invest for professional recordings. I am wondering what kind of recording interface does Abby road studios use to capture their sound? I am asking on anyone who has done mainstream work or professional level recording with touring popular bands. I have sought out logic and pro tools but I feel I am missing some. I heard reason was for syth stuff, but I would really like to know.

I'm assuming they use pro-tools, but I'd guess the old Neve consoles still get a lot of use and they haven't gotten rid of the tape machines either.
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They are indeed still using the Neve Consoles. I hear studio #3 got a slightly more recent SSL console a while back though.
Pro Tools and Logic are getting pretty close to the same, last time I heard. I believe Logic is still better with MIDI while Pro Tools is still better with audio, but they both do the two strongly. Abbey Road should definitely have Pro Tools and or Logic since that's what the majority of today's artists record with, and they should have tape as well.

And regarding the SSL console, I also read that one was put into Studio 3.
Any word on what variety it is? The Abbey Road site is down and I had no luck digging up info elsewhere.
If you want the awesome sound that Abbey Road gave to all the classic albums you probably love, then you'll want a tape machine.

Grab an 8-track tape machine from Fostex or Tascam, and a 16-track mixer with at least 4 busses. You'll be all set.
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