I recently decided to take a leap and dive right into theory and I was following a guide that I had found in someone's sig on the UG forums. I didn't have many problems, if any, understanding it. I think taking piano lessons when I was younger definitely helped my ability to comprehend it so easily. Little did I know what I was learning in my lessons was music theory. Circle of Fifths, however, was a little hard to grasp. I think this was mainly because of the way the guide had illustrated it. Not an actual circle, rather two columns that after going down one and going up the other, following the notes, you would find yourself back at the start. I don't think I could have figured anything out from it if it had not been for my lessons from piano. Anyways... to the point.

I did some searching on the internet and I found a site that made it very easy to not only understand the Circle of Fifths, but to memorize it as well. I hope this helps someone not able to grasp the concept of it.


Also, if you're having trouble memorizing the perfect fifths, a website recommended a sentence that was created from the letters. As childish as it sounds, it stuck in my head and maybe it will do the same for you.

Start with F, moving clockwise:
Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle

From F, move counter-clockwise:
Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles' Father

The red letter indicates the top note of the circle. (12 o'clock)

- Sorry if this website has been posted already. I just thought it was a nice find for someone who was just getting their feet wet.
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That is cool, never realised you could draw shapes with it
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That's also the order of sharps/flats that are added, Bb first in f major the Bb and Eb in Bb major and the other round for sharps, which is why i learnt it. I'm not good on the circle of fifths so what does it actually have to do with it?
Hey thx. These are great visuals. Though the ones toward the end kinda make things more complex then they need to be imo but a great link anyway. bookmarked.
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