hi. does anyone know how to setuo a strat's tremolo system (with out replacing the bridge) so it doesn't go out of tune? i would preferably like to do this wothout replacing parts. i read that eddie van halen and jeff beck knew how to do his.

If it's going out of tune I'd look more towards the tuners or even the nut, I can't see where the bridge would cause this. Out of the three guitars that I have that have Fender style trems all have locking tuners, two have Tusq nuts and one has a graphite nut. I have never had a tuning problem with any of them.
Open up the back and tighten the screws mounting the spring claw to the body wood. Doing this will put more tension on the sustain block, solving tuning problems.
like said, you want a level bridge. if the bridge is raised, then it's not balanced and will fall out of tune.

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You can also get some more springs to put in the back if you use heavier strings
When you get it in tune, crank the trem back and forth and retune. Repeat. This will solve most going out of tune problems, you need to equalize the tension on both sides of the nut.