I was at this music shop in Woodlyn PA the other day looking for a new guitar. I sat down and playing a Jackson DK2M i liked it but i wanted to get someone else's thought on the guitar. You know like the pro's and con's of it i guess thanks a lot for the help.
It looks nice but Maple necks on super strats/metal guitar i am not a huge fan of they look nice on Fenders though.

But guitars are about music so its nice for a metal guitar.
Go for it!

awesome guitars!
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hey, ive owned this guitar for a year, and the only thing wrong with it is a wobbly volume knob, which is easily fixed. the pros for me are the maple neck, the nice body and an overall lovely guitar, the cons are the tremolo and so ic ant change tuning but thats it. what colour are you gettin, and how much? i paid £360 for mine.
I paid 500 for my white one.

It came with a stripped bolt on the nut, that sucks. And not a huge fan of the lfr, or the pickups it came with. The paint also chips pretty easy, but i bang it around ALOT.

Overall, i like it alot.
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Great guitar, in my opinion.

Good sound, light weight, trem stays in tune, quite versatile and very good value for money.

I didn't like the neck (not a fan of square edges) but I'm sure a lot of people would.