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Hi all, basically list your top 5 favourite songs and WHY you love them.

1. Radiohead - Let Down.

Absoloutely beautiful layering of guitars, amazing lyrics specifically when Thom Yorke refers to himself as an insect in the second verse. Yes, I love songs like that. I really hope they do it live when I go see them in the summer, apparently they don't do it much live anymore, but since it was on the 06 tour, I can only hope.

2. Brand New - The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows.

My first serious girlfriend lived by this song, and it somehow just rubbed off on me. Its of important signifigance to me because of the lyrics, and the breath taking way the music cuts out to just vocals at the climax. I covered it once in an old band of mine, and the band cut out except for me (vocals/guitar) doing a C octave shape singing the 'Your friends are boring me to death' line, before coming back in for the next. Yes, my now ex gf was in the crowd. I'm such a stylin' gentleman.

3. Its Not Over Yet - Klaxons.

Probabally my favourite cover tune ever, and I'm going to be covering a melding of the original and this version in my current band ( shameless plug). Quite possibley the most deranged distorted piano sound I've heard, and yes it IS piano, you can get the exact sound in garageband using a piano patch with the release set low, and amp simulation. Awesome harmonies and the lyrics mean quite a bit to me.

4. Love and Caring - Crystal Castles.

Deranged music by a deranged band I happened to get into by accident (thanks wikipedia!). I could pick any of their songs, but this one particularly captures their sound. When I originally downloaded it I had an old instrumental version, when I heard it with the lyrics it made the song complete for me. Not that I can tell what she's saying (Does it matter? Listen to Sigur Ros), but certain lines really stand out for me. Plus, I freakin' LOVE chiptune.

5. Videotape - Radiohead.

Now this ISN'T the album version, the album version for me was a waste. If you ever heard the 'blip' version (youtube it), you can tell it was going to be some massive epic song. Whilst still beautiful stripped down, I can just imagine it being as it should of been, soaring and etheral. The album version really bugs me because they cut a line badly.

"This is my way of saying goodbye, because I can't do it face to face, I'm talking to you after its too late, I'm talking to you thru a videotape."


"This is my way of saying goodbye, because I can't do it face to face, I'm talking to you [abrupt cut here] no matter what happens now I won't be afraid."

Way to ruin one of the best lyrics ever, Nigel Godrich.

Now post yours :P
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1) The Press Corspe - Anti-Flag. So catchy. Lyrics are awesome. Meaning is awesome.
2) Paranoid Android - Radiohead. Dunno just.. so perfect.
3) No Surprises - Radiohead. See above
4) Stockholm Syndrome - Muse. So god damn powerful and full of hidden meaning. Fun to play on all instruments. Is insane live as well
5) Holidays In The Sun - The Sex Pistols. Heard it live. Fell in love with it.
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1. tnt acdc
it is and has been my favorite song for like ever. i like this song alot because i like the lyrics and it was the first song i could play on the guitar. it has awesome guitar licks :p
2.stairway to heaven led zeppellin
this ones pretty hard to play on the guitar and i love how it is slow and then it turns fast. really got me- van halen
this song hasnt been one of my favorite songs for a long time but i like it . i actaully didnt know van halen played this until like 3 months ago. haha
4.let it be beatles
i just really like this song because it gives out a great "story". i saw mccartny play this in my live aid concert dvd
aand finnally5. sweet child o mine guns n roses
this has been one of my favorite songs for a long time. i really like the guitar part in this song. it is fun to sing too:p
Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin
Just because. it's a great song, with a great solo. i love rocking out to it with my friends in cars.

Bat Out Of Hell, Meatloaf:
Another classic. In my opinion, Meatloaf is underrated. This is a great song, off of a great album. I like the guitar part in it.

Like a Stone, Audioslave: I just recently got into audioslave, and they're a great band. Tom Morello is one of my favorite guitarists, wiht all his weird effects with rage. he takes his wah pedal over in this song, for one of his signature solos. great song

Empty Walls, Serj Tankian: lead singer of System of a Down, breaking off with his own album. This is a surprisingly good song, in my opinion. Serj's unique signing style is starting to catch on with me.

Dumb, Nirvana: There are so many good nirvana songs, and i had to choose this one. Nirvana was a very good/influential band in the 90's. i've been listening to them a lot lately, and this song sticks out to me.

Many more, but these are at the top of my head
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1. "Creep" - Radiohead - The lyrics remind me of myself.

2. "My Little Empire" - Manic Street Preachers - It's so light, quiet, but heavy in a sense of emotion.

No idea about the other 3...
3. "Conqueror" - Jesu - The was Justin plays is how I play. His voice is almost angelic with a backdrop of an ambient drone.

4. "Rookie Of The Year" - Funeral For A Friend - One of the first Cd's I bought was CDADIC, this is the first track. Loved them since.

5. "Chrome" - Katatonia - Their style of which the lead and rhythm guitars merge together is so unique, I love it.
Manowar - Battle hymn - It's a very deep song, awesome intro, great drums and one of the most catchy rythms ever. The lyrics are a complete kickass, with the feeling of manowar - just the swords and the battle. The most badass solo ever. Period.

Iron Maiden - Sign of the Cross - an eleven minute beast, that can rip and twist your mind with fast paced riffs, great feeling of music and rythm, and THE giant solo. Alos the setting is very dark, and the contrast between the idea behind the song and the music in it, is just great.

Majesty - Epic War - That one makes me cream myself.

Patti Smith - Rock and Roll ****** - First of all it's the kind of song I really like - fast, screaming, and melodic. The lyrics made me think about... I don't know, about everything. And finally it's in the Natural Born Killers soundtrack, which makes it pretty special anyway.

Whitesnake - Here I go again - well, Whitesnake - what more can I say?

damn that censored the rock and roll ******. I meant very very dark coloured person, that may be, or may not be from africa, and may of may not be american.
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I can't say I have just 5 favourites...I'll try to pick some

Growing on Me - The Darkness
They came out of nowhere and rocked like nothing I'd ever heard before. Amazing song by an amazing band. That's all there is to it. Shame they broke up.

No More Tears - Ozzy Osbourne
It's epic as ****. It's very atmospheric, and the keyboard break and solo make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Amazing song. This song got me into heavy metal.

In Too Deep - Sum 41
It just rocks. Same reason as the first song, I guess.

The Ragpicker's Dream - Mark Knopfler
It's a happy song, but it always makes me sad. Maybe not actually sad. Nostalgic, perhaps.

I Walk Beside You - Dream Theater
One of their simplest songs. Great melody, and the lyrics are inspiring.
NIN - Closer - The song is catchy, eerie, creepy, sexy, and angry at the same time.
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris - Everything about the song is perfect. The instruments, the lyrics, the vocals, everything.
Counting Crows - Round Here - The lonely, somber tone is something missing from music today.
Alice in Chains - Get Born Again - Layne's voice sends shivers down my spine.
Incubus - Drive - It's a fun, catchy, inspirational tune.
1. I Heard It Through The Grapevine- Marvin Gaye.
2. Moondance- Van Morrison.

Why the f*ck not?
Friends, applaud the comedy is over.

I'd dance with you but...

1) I Have Confidence - Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. Whenever I feel bad, I either listen to that or The Lonely Goatherd and you can't help but to feel better. It has a built in smile.

2) I Still Love You (unplugged) - KISS. There's so many emotions that come through in Paul Stanley's voice.

3) The Navy Song by Billy Talent. Again, the emotions come through, and the lyrics are amazing.

4) Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty. It's so damn catchy.

5) Le Jazz Hot, again by Julie Andrews. It's from Victor/Victoria, and at first I hated it. Then I kinda liked it, and then I loved it. It just grows on you, and it's completely awesome.

Honorable Mention:

Darling Nikki by Prince. I love that song, it's just so... wrong.
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needle in the hay - elliott smith: it's so mellow and sad
oh. hello - circa survive: such great build ups throughout the song, excellent vocals
road to joy - bright eyes: just listen to it, you'll either get it or you won't

that's all i've got.
1.One-Metallica: This song got me into Metallica. It's just so beatiful to me the way its all soft in the begining and melodic then it transitions smoothly into one of the best heavy and epic bridges and solo.

2.Voice of the Soul-Death: Its so emotional and just great. It brings tears to my eyes because Chick wrote supposedly when he found out about his cancer. Just great guitar work.

3.Postmortem-Slayer: My favorite Slayer song. It's so heavy and fast and thrashy. Favorite part is the last section with the stop and start and stuff. Great metal song.

4.Drain You-Nirvana: Reminds me of when I first got into music. My first love musically was Nirvana and this is one of their best songs in my opinion.

5.My Hero-Foo Fighters: This song is really near and dear to me because its the first song I listened to after I got the news that a friend of mine past away. Its an awesome song and it gets me every time.
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For me, it would have to be:

  • Ocean - John Butler Trio

    An absolutely incredible piece of Musicianship, demonstrating Butler's technical abilities at 12 string guitar, whilst projecting an incredible amount of joy into the song and lending it anthemic qualities. The finest solo instrumental piece I've heard, full stop.

  • The Trapeze Swinger - Iron and Wine

    The exquisite, poignant and bittersweet lyrics make this song absolutely unmissable for fans of acoustic music. While its simple tune carried for over 9 minutes in length means that it is a highly repetitive piece in terms of instrumental work, its lyrics are so beautiful, that it traces a powerful story of unrequited love over the bare bones of the chords. Anything else would make the song over the top.

  • Treat Yo' Mama - John Butler Trio

    Showcasing Butler's fearsome slidework, this laidback, yet structured marraige of funk, soul and rock music is an excellent example of fusion music. Classically hippy to the end, this song is a lesson to those who wish to experiment in mixing different styles of music by demonstrating wah-pedal solos on a 1930's lap steel can work when played by the right hands.

  • AC/DC - Back In Black

    Listen to this modern classic for the definition of electric guitar tone. A watershed hit for AC/DC, this song shows the powerful and defiant voice of Brian Johnson, the metronome precision of Phill Rudd and Cliff Johnson, and the unfailing ability of the Young brothers to coax a great tune from just a few humble chords, all working in seamless symphony.

  • Kaki King - Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers

    An excellent example of guitar looping, to show how just a single guitarist with the right skills and tools can singlehandedly create an entire multi-track song in one sitting.

EDIT: Sorry for the verbosity, this is nicked from an essay I had to write dealing with the same topic at school. I just dug this up and recycled it.
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1. Waltz #1, by Elliott Smith. It's just perfect.
2. Morning Theft, by Jeff Buckley. Again, it's perfect.
3. How to disappear completely, by Radiohead. It puts me in my own little dream world.
4. I'm not working, by Manic Street Preachers. Hard to describe, just puts me at ease.
5. Australia, by Manic Street Preachers. Great guitar, great music.

My fav songs change all the time. Except 1 and 2, and possibly 3, which will stay there for a long time yet.

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Itchycoo Park - it's just a wonderfully happy and uplifting song

"Heroes" - the raw emotion in his voice, the wall of sound, the Berlin wall...

A Day in the Life - the best Beatles song, the whole sound is brilliant

Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) - the energy is amazing

Those are four, I shall add reasons and links tomorrow. For tonight I shall sleep.
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1. Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven - just a masterpiece

2. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb - Beautiful Song And The Solo's Are Incredible

3. James Taylor - Fire And Rain - The Lyrics and the singing are just brilliant.

4. The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses - Quality Song All Round

5. The Who - Behind Blue Eyes - Beautiful Lyrics, Daltrey's Singing is brilliant.
In no particular order...

Jesus Christ - Brand New. Haunting, sad, beautiful. I relate to the lyrics more deeply than any other song, probably

In The Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel. Something about this song just makes me really glad to be listening to it.

Hate It Here - Wilco. I am so sick of my hometown. This is a good outlet.

Lua - Bright Eyes. Another one of those sad songs I relate to well.

Hysteria - Muse. This song just kicks ass.
EDIT: 2 way tie between New Born and Hysteria.

My favorites change a lot.
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1. Smells like Teen Spirit *Nirvana*

The song that is the whole reason that music moved away from the stuff I hate, and changed Rock to what I love today. No more 80s pop glam, now its alternative. All because of this song and Kurt Cobains amazing song writing. Lyrics have a ton of meaning to me, when I think about alot of the kids I know and how the guitar solo exactly imitates the singing in the verse is genius.

2. Calm like a Bomb *Rage against the machine*

Wow, just wow. Rage against the machine combines the unorthodox guitar styles of Tom morello with insane funk style baselines and the old school rap spits of Zach... and it just works soooo well. especially in this song. I love everything about what they do.

3. The Star Spangeled Banner *Jimi Hendrix*

Jimi Hendrix took the national anthem for our country... the boring ol note by note national anthem, and turned it into a fiesta. Amazing divebombs and use of the whammy bar made some noises come out of the guitar that left most people stunned.

4. Seize the Day *Avenged Sevenfold*

I never thought much of the song the first time I heared it. Then, I saw the music video and started assosciating the song with it (the sad story of a husband going to jail and the pregnant wife dieing) And I realized how much passion went into the lyrics and the solo. there are 5 notes that ring out towards the end of the solo that send chills down my spine every time.

5. Killing in the Name *Rage against the machine*

The signature song for Rage against the machine, although it has more of a metal feel to it then most of their songs, I still love the political lyrics and the fact that they played it unedited on the radio. The solo is awesome, the whammy pedal just works so well.

there ya go, i got my flame proof jacket on for the A7X one. Sorry its so long, I really had fun with this one.
1. Tears of the Ocean - Keiko Matsui
This song's awesomely beautiful. I want it played during some big moment of my life. It's a new age piano jazz piece. Yum.

2. Deep Water - Charon
You might think you hate every single piece of finnish HIM-resembling punk/metal band there is ... unless you've listened to this chuggie a couple of times. It grows on you fast, so you shouldn't try too hard to wear it out.

3. A Farewell to a Perfect Score - 7 Angels 7 Plagues
This band is severly underrated. You might hate the vocals at first, but you'll surely love 'em. Too bad they called it quits. This is creative metalcore, and is in no way MTV material.

4. Our Lucid Dream - Yesterdays Rising
I discovered this band by accident while searching for some lucid dreaming subliminal mp3s. After a while I bought Lightworker, and I plan on buying their LPs if I can find them someplace. Most of their songs are great, but this one has grown on me the most by far.

5. Song of the Forlorn Son - Insomnium
I didn't know what to put here, so I just chose this, as it's awesome. It's just too hard to choose when you listen to a lot of music.
1. One - Metallica
- just... holy ****.

2. Nutshell - Alice In Chains
- so beautiful. i first listened to this song late at night in the dark, it hit me hard.

3. Mayonaise - Smashing Pumpkins
- this song couldnt have been written any better.

4. November Rain - Guns 'N Roses
- this song hit me hard, at a really bad time.

5. Floods - Pantera
- another perfectly written song. amazing solo.
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1. Pearl Jam - Corduroy

I could never adequately explain just how much this song means to me. It's just amazing.

2. Smashing Pumpkins - Rhinoceros

This one reminds me of a bittersweet time in my life that I learned a lot from. One of the first songs that made me want to be a singer/guitarist and one of the first solos I ever learned.

3. Green Day - 409 in Your Coffeemaker

Reminds of a really happy, care-free period of my life. Summertime, my friends, college - it was all good. This song always takes me back to it, every time I hear it feels like the first time.

4. Foo Fighters - All My Life

This song made me start playing music. Nothing more needs to be said.

5. Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline

A song that made me concentrate more on developing my vocal style. I would sing along to this for ages, and I still do. I love it so much.
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Brant Bjork and the Bros - Paradise on Earth
Beautifully chilled out and fantastic live. Brant Bjork is like Jimi reincarnated.

Kyuss - Asteroid
Just a huge riff and a big "fuck you" to radio-friendly, lyrics-orientated modern rock.

High on Fire - The Face of Oblivion
Solid metal riffing with that fantastic bridge in the middle. Again, fantastic live.

Mark Lanegan - Borracho
This song can bring tears to my eyes. He's got the best voice ever, simple as.

Death From Above 1979 - Do It (live version)
Amazing bass playing and a great crossover-punk sound. Great song to party to.
1. Get in the Ring - Guns 'N Roses: This is a close tie with Paradise City and Nightrain, also by GNR. I chose this because its more obscure. Anyway all 3 songs encapsulate everything Rock and Roll is about. Pure badassery on every level.

2. Hotel California - The Eagles: Beautiful song, lovely lyrics, amazing on every level really.

3. Tornado of Souls - Megadeth: Loud, angry and sad at the same time, I find it quite emotional to listen to. And of course every guitar line is absolutely flawless.

4. Rock Me - Great White: Incredibly underrated love song, great guitar solos, lovely song.

5. Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix: If any song was a woman, this would be it. Soft, sweet and absolutely beautiful.
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1. Little Bitch by The Specials.
-A great song, really upbeat. It makes me happy to hear it, and I like the lyrics.

2. Montsegur by Iron Maiden
-Awesome guitar/bass riff at the start, Bruce's singing, especially in the verses.

3. Rust In Peace... Polaris by Megadeth
I love the drum intro, and the first little solo at the beginning. Excellent playing by all instruments, and I love the lyrical content.

4. The Clairvoyant by Iron Maiden
Really cool and catchy main riff, I love Bruce's voice, and the bass/drum intro.

5. Loose Lips by Kimya Dawson (bet you didn't see that one coming )
-It's just a really good song. It's a chill out song, and I love her voice.
Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson...incredible guitar, incredible tone, awesome riffs

Octavarium - Dream Theater...its perfect

Holy Wars The Punishment is Due - me the definition of metal

Any Color Like You - Pink Floyd..everything about this song just makes me relax and drift anyway

2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrnix - badass
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1. Cannibal Corpse - "****ed With A Knife"
Probably the most sensual love ballad ever written. The masterful range of George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher's voice is incredible, and its full potential is displayed on this track. You can feel the singers reminiscent love for the subject when he sings "From behind
I cut her crotch, In her ass I stuck my ****, Killing as I cum"

2. The B-52's - "Rock Lobster"
When someone says the word "masterpiece," this song comes to mind immediately. The guitar lines are some of the most technical I've heard. I also like the complex metaphorical lyrics, especially the line "Twistin' 'round the fire, Havin' fun, Bakin' potatoes, Bakin' in the sun." The female backup vocals are also very beautiful.

3. Focus - "Hocus Pocus"
Finally, what the world has been waiting so long for: a song with yodeling instead of lyrics, a whistling solo, an incoherent sounds solo and frenzied flute playing. A chaotic model of perfection.

4. G.G. Allin - "Suck My Ass It Smells"
This song is the epitome of wisdom. It manages intricate musical structure even though it only uses one power chord, one drum fill and one line of text. Allin is a prophet, and he makes it perfectly clear that you should suck his ass, which smells.

5. Turbonegro - "I Got Erection"
A dazzling display of revolutionary ideals, this songs shows that even Norwegians aren't afraid to "stick it to the man." With a driving drumbeat, powerful guitars and a fat, shirtless european wearing corpsepaint and gauntlets screaming his indignation, Turbonegro lets everyone know that no matter what they do, they probably have an erection.
Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix - reminds me of a girl i used to love back in the day..
Halllelujah by Jeff Buckley - reminds me of the same girl i guess
Rapid Fire Tollbooth/Goliath by the Mars Volta - reminds me of some things i might say to a girl i used to love...
Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock - reminds of nothing. its just a good song
Nude - Radiohead - reminds me of a girl.....
It's hard for me to pick a Top 5. Contrary to my, all the Nirvana songs should be a bit lower (Thanks, Muddy Banks for your exact same titles as Nevermind and In Utero).

But right now, I'll just list the 4 I listen to the most on a daily basis.

1) Stone Temple Pilots- Glide:
This, I think, is the most underrated track in existence. Hauntingly beautiful falsetto by Scott Weiland (Freddie Mercury would be proud), and just fantastic melodic work by the DeLeo brothers and Eric Kretz. Just an amazing piece of music. Supremely eerie, yet makes you feel glad to be alive. This is my perfect example of why STP is probably the most underrated band of a generation. Listen to this prodigious track; you won't be dissapointed.

2)Stone Temple Pilots- Lady Picture Show:
Yes, my love for STP is pretty disturbing. The album this track is on (Tiny Music...) is without a doubt, my favorite album ever. This track is a mellow rocker; perfect blend of fantastic basswork (Robert DeLeo), echoing drums (Eric Kretz), and a Beatlesque croon by Scott Weiland. The guitar here is nothing short of fantastic- the solo on here just evokes so much emotion. Love it, love it, love it.

3) X Japan- Silent Jealousy: Having been born and raised in Japan, I was pleasantly surprised to listen to this track. Being a huge fan of Loudness, I felt I had listen to the pinnacle of J-Metal. And judging from their hair, I half expected X Japan to sound like a bad 80's hair metal band. Boy was I wrong. This a ballad of epic proportions. Starts with a beautiful piano intro, and in come to shredding guitars. Everything is mind blowing in this track; the piano, bass, drums, and the love-inspired vocals. The Solo here by Pata and Hide will go down as one of my most favorite solos ever. Sheer harmony that lifts you out of your seat.

4) Judas Priest- Painkiller: Do I even need an introduction? This a heavy metal anthem. Nothing pleases the Great Metal Gods more than this. Forget all the death metal thrash bull****. Painkiller is the song of a whole genre. Rob Halford has the best voice in all of metal (sorry Bruce Dickinson). One of the best drum tracks ever in existence. High pitched vocals that will make your hair stand on end. Dual guitars. What more could you ask for>

So those are my mini-reviews. Result of nothing to do on a Wednesday night. Thanks for reading!
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Don't know about my "Top 5" but I'll pick from some of my favorites

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana: well i love the guitar, and the lyrics. it's just a cool song. a lot happening.

2. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepplin
: Well, you gotta love it. it's a complete masterpiece and it's so calming to me.

3. Sweet Child O Mine - Guns 'n Roses: I love the guitar parts, especially the beginning. and the lyrics are so calming and meaningful. overall a good song

4. If You Want Blood (You Got It) - AC/DC: I love the band. And this is the first song i learned (and am learning, about to start a new one) on guitar, so of course I like it.

Sorry, can't think of a 5th.

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1. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence/Octavarium - Dream Theater
Two of the greatest epics ever written. Octavarium had me right away, but Six Degrees took some time to grow on me. When it did, though, I was hooked. Simply two of the most beautiful and well-written songs ever. I can't pick one over the other.

2. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Megadeth
The song that got me into them. Simply a thrash metal masterpiece.

3. Dancing Through Sunday - AFI
Say what you will, these guys kick ass. This song is just filled with awesomeness.

4. Trial of Tears - Dream Theater
Yeah, yeah, I'm obsessed. This is one of the finest Dream Theater songs ever, and it's on my least favorite album of theirs. Kind of ironic, eh?

I can't pick a song off of this album that isn't awesome. Favorite Metallica album, and is definitely in my top 5 of thrash albums.
1. Grace - Jeff Buckley : All his songs are masterpieces to me. This was simply the first that really grabbed me.Etheral vocals better than any I'd ever heard - especially at the finale- and beautiful music to back it up.

2.Pardon Me - Incubus : Honestly I love every single one of Incubus's songs.They're my favourite band.Again this was one of the first I heard.Funky verses with a booming chorus and lyric.

3.This Picture - Placebo : Another of my favourite bands here. Was going to pick a song of Meds(my favourite album by them) but decided to again choose one of the first one's I heard.It really takes me back.

4. Svo Hljott - Sigur Ros : Beautiful music.

5. Exhausted - Foo Fighters: Throw up between this Everlong and Aurora for my favourite Foo's song.I jus remember listening to it everyday on ths bus home over one cold dark winter.And it reminds of that every time I listen to it.Kinda ambient
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due - Megadeth// ****ing epic drums, epic lyrics, epic guitar god, its so ****ing good.

I Remember You - Skid Row// Beautiful Song all round

Coma - Guns n Roses// It actually takes me through the actual story line (being at peace of being in a calm, stress-free world) then being woken up and brough back to this **** filled world. It's just epic.

Estranged- Guns n Roses
/// Sorry for all you gnr haters, but this song is amazing. It pulls at your emotions with the desire of freedom and love.


Im sorry

Girls , Girls, Girls - Motley Crue.// This song just makes me wana get on a harley, get ****d up and feel invinsible, and that i can do what ever the **** i want, and if anyone has a problem, i will roar my ****in harley and run the bastard over...
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Jimi Hendrix (Bold As Love) - About my girl, sooooo much meaning. It put's me into
another world. I could go on about it allllll night.

Pink Floyd (Comfortably Numb) - Again, gets me out of my mind. Absolutely brilliant.

Landon Pigg (Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop) - About my girl, again. Honestly, it
almost makes me cry.

The White Stripes (I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart) - Incredible.
One of my all time favoritas. So much to be said. Girl, how I feel everyday, et cetera .

Louis Armstrong - (What A Wonderful World) - I'm shocked I havent seen this one yet. Its marvelous, magical , everything.

Theres like 20 other songs I wanted to choose, and this is definitely "abridged". I could write a damn novel on it.
1) Where The Streets Have No Name - U2
Truly one of the most emotional rock songs. Beautiful intro in a very uncommon time signature. Bono's voice is amazing no matter what anyone else wants to say. In my opinion, it is by far the greatest song ever written.

2) Return To Innocence - Enigma
The lyrics are perfect. They completely apply to my life, and my beliefs. This song also strongly reminds me of one of my closest friends, Jen. The tribal chanting in the chorus is amazing, and the voice of the vocalist (Can't remember who Creatu chose to sing this one) is beautiful.

3) Seasons of Love - RENT
I wont deny. I have an undying love for RENT. I think it is the greatest show to ever hit Broadway. It's like Jonathan Larson's tribute to his own life. It's amazing.

4) Jupiter - Gustav Holst
The epitome of beauty. A truly amazing orchestral piece. The chorale in the middle is most likely the most beautiful, and emotional piece of music I've ever heard. Holst was a genius, and the entire Planets suite is brilliant, but Jupiter is on a level much higher than the others.

5) Beautiful Day - U2
Simply put, it reminds me of my best memories.
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1. "No One's Gonna Love You"- Band of Horses
- It's just so...... peaceful. I heard it for the first time on Conan O'Brien, and I immediately loved the song and the band. The guitars just have that near perfect amount of delay and reverb to just make the song flow amazingly. It's like a dream sequence.

2. "Friends are Evil"- Jesu
- I will always hold strong that texture far surpasses technique on every level, IMO. I love technical pieces, and they never bore me, but Jesu is like the epitome of creating pure, unadultered texture in their songs. There are many other band who are at or close to the same level, but "Friends are Evil" just takes you away to a place that no other song can. Amazing.

3. "Velvet Kevorkian"/"All Hail the New Flesh"- Strapping Young Lad
- One of the best song duos ever. SYL is one of the only bands I've found that has sheer power, agression, and speed while still having that sense of a musical rush like I get from Jesu, Pelican, Minus the Bear, etc. The best way to explain it, I guess, lies in the immortal words of the computer speech program at the end of "Spirituality". "Strapping Young Lad rocks my hairy anus."

4. "Still Alive"- GLaDOS (Jonathan Coulton and Ellen McClain)
- It's hilarious, catchy, and the best ending song to any video game I have ever played. That's it.

5. "Heaviest Matter of the Universe"- Gojira
- Relentless. Powerful. Moving. That's about it, really. Also, Gojira is one of the only bands I can stand that uses pinch harmonics a lot. They have a way of making their pinches sound so much different, and overall better, than bands who decide to rape them like they were never going to fuck again. *cough*ZAKK WYLDE*cough*

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My five favourite songs AT THE MOMENT(note: this changes a lot) in no particular order:

1. Goldfinger - Here In Your Bedroom. Because no pop-punk band has sung about the uncertainties of relationships with such earnest. It really captures the volatility of teenage relationships. It's ludicrously catchy and was one of my first ska-punk songs.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Road Trippin'. Because the of the inter-twining acoustic guitar and acoustic bass lines. Because of John Frusciante's haunting backing vocals. Because of the backing orchestral score. It's a beautiful song that uses a "less is more", stripped down style and it really works for me. 1:35-2:00 is truly gorgeous.

3. The Clash - Brand New Cadillac. Quintessentially cool, the influence of The Clash can be heard in most Brit Pop bands. The blues-esque, walking bass riff, the screeching lead guitar breaks and Joe Strummer's distinctive howling vocals make this song very fun to listen to.

4. Stevie Wonder - Superstitious. An incredibly funky, soulful song. As soon as those drums start playing, the rhythm just permeates my consciousness and forces my foot to tap. That classic riff is played and soon Stevie's voice guides you through what is a truly awesome song. The stabs of brass in the verses ooze class.

5. Sting and the Police - So Lonely. Because it is totally 80s. A chilled out, reggae song in its verses and a heartfelt pop-rock chorus, Sting and the Police pretty much helped create the soft/loud ska/punk formula that I love so much. Anybody can relate to this song and I love it for that reason. The vocal harmonies are gorgeous.

I'll compile an all time top 5 in a few hours when I've thought about it more
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