ok, i LOVE metal. but i absolutely hate the growling, the screaming, and all of that. i find it ruins the music. I think metal would be much better WITHOUT vocals at all. Now i assume im gunna get tons of people that are gunna hate me for saying that, but im sure some people agree with me.
I think if it's done well it doesn't, but if they are done badly (Chris barnes, crappy melodeath bands) then it ruins the music. Shouting fits with almost every kind of metal.
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You do realize theres plenty of metal bands that don't scream or growl? Its the vocalists job to convey the atmosphere and emotion of the song. A band like Cannibal Corpse wants to make aggressive and violent music. If they sang like Running Wild it just wouldn't be the same and it would sound like ass. Saying it ruins the music is stupid, but saying its not your cup of tea is fine. Harsh vocals fit harsh music.
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