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6 75%
2 25%
Voters: 8.
well i bought a electric mistress last month but i wasnt to pleased with it, esspecially the price. so today i walked into sam ash and bought the big muff for almost half the price and returned the mistress, i just want to know your opinions on both of these pedals, which one you like better, and if you think i made the right decision. please let me know any experiences you have with the pedals that i should be aware about.
Well they do totally different things, so it's not exactly easy to compare them. I do love my Big Muff with all of my heart, though, so I'd trade nearly any other pedal in for one in a heartbeat.

Oh, I think you put this in the wrong section. It would be much better in the GG&A section. I'll report it just to have it moved.
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If you like it then it's good doesn't matter what others say.

Also both pedals are completely diffrent so you cant really say, but for the price the Big Muff is good. I used to have it, then I realized I never really needed fuzz so I sold it.

The electric mistress is a pretty good flange, again it's largely up to you some people like the BF-3 some people like the EM.

As for me I only use flange in recording not live or practice so I have no need for a flange pedal.
if you ended up with the pedal you like better then yeah you made the right choice. IMO both are great pedals.
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