i just got a new dean razorback v. i'v never had a floyd rose before so i was wondering what kind of stuff to do and stuff to never do! thanks
When you go to tune loosen the screws at the nut i didnt know that when i got my dean dime shadow. And when i tried to tune the strings would make loud poping noises when i turned the tuning peg ><. Hope that helps.
i'll just give you a general overview of things that you may come across on floyds. As Jedidd said you have to "unlock" the nut near the headstock to do MAJOR tuning, but on the bridge itself are small little screws at each string, which you can still use while the nut is "locked"

There's not too much you can't do with a floyd rose....it only has a few limitations. Balencing the strings is one of the biggest pains with a floyd rose. You want the strings to be in tune, but the bridge to be parallel to the body of the guitar. So if its tilting towards the headstock, you'll have to unlock the nut, tighten the springs in the back of the guitar, and slacken the strings, and vice versa if its tilting the other way. The only thing you can't do on a floyd rose is those double stop bends (i.e. "gimme three steps" intro by skynard) the strings go all out of whack because the bridge is being pulled forward, its an inherent flaw in the floyd rose design.

other than that, have fun with your razorback =)
You got a razorback, and you've never used a floyd?
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