Okay, I have two questions.

1.) B.C. Rich has come out with a Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth guitar but I don't see it for sale anywhere. It's on the website but not on musicansfriend samash etc. Any word on the price the handcrafted version will be?

2.) What is the easiest Death song to play? My tremolo picking isn't up to speed so a slower, chuggier song would be easier for me if there is one lol.
1.) it comes out at the end of 2008, probably somewhere around 1000
2.) try some of crystal mountain or vacant planets, not the solos or anything, but just the riffs
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Yea, crystal mountain is definitely an easy death song, maybe pull the plug?
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1. It will probably come out around april, and it's going to be $900 USD
2. Crystal Mountain's not too bad. Just do the rhythm guitar.
Their old stuff is REALLY easy.. You should probably skip that and start with Crystal Mountain.
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There are two versions, the normal version and the handcrafted version. How much is the handcrafted version?
Any chance BC Rich will put a double humbucker model into production (not necessarily a Chuck tribute model, but still a stealth)? Cos I LOVE the shape but I need a neck 'bucker...
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