Hey I've just recently been asked to teach guitar to to of my friends and I don't really know where to start. One of them is a complete beginner and has been up for a lesson already and showed him some basic cords and showed him knocking on heavens door. The other guy is comming up saturday for a lesson and he alredy knows he's cords and stuff. So I was just wondering if you guys have any suggestions as to what I should show them. I was thinking about showing them the minor pentaonic scales but I'm not to sure. thanks.
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Maybe the C major/A minor scale. And show them some good exercises. Maybe a song like smoke on the water.
show them, chords a major - g major then a minor - g minor.
after that,
start with a major/ gminor
and work your way up.
yea, i think the minor pentatonic scale is a good start, its pretty easy and sounds good
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maybe not right away but the blues scale and some chord progressions . get an early jump on improvisation. excises for hammer-ons pull-off ect. and some easy songs that they like, to get them into it
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ask them what tehy wanna learn, cuz if they just wanna learn songs, you'll bore them with scales
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pentatonic, and where different chords fit in to different scale degrees for major&minor progressions


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