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I tried to do a bit of experimenting and see what a Wonderwall Instrumental would sound like. Since I didn't have another guitar player with me at the moment, I played the 2nd guitar parts my self by recording the parts and placing them over the song via Audacity, and added a few slight touches while I was at it. Tell me what you think, and spot out where I need improving in.

Much appreciated!
Sounds really nice mate. Seriously. Id just let the notes in the non rhythm part ring a little bit more and get a better mic. Other than that, good stuff.
Thanks. For the secondary parts I had to decide whether to use a pick or finger-pick the notes, and I was faster using finger picking and the notes were alot cleaner. On the chord part I used a pick because I thought it rang out more, but my mic isn't the best (its just a cheap 10-20 dollar mic), but it works well enough for me.