Hey so I've recently purchased a classical guitar with which I've been practicing basic classical fingerstyle and flamenco strumming techniques. I feel very disorganized and was wondering if there are any good full videos that will give me perhaps a crash course in classical guitar (basic classical-position fingerpicking and flamenco strumming).

Some of my main questions are:

1. When playing fast runs fingerstyle, how do you know which fingers to use...especially when traveling up or down the strings? Because to stick with basic classical finger-positioning would sort of forgo you from using multiple fingers on one string right?

2. Where can I learn all the basic flamenco strumming techniques? I'm learning some basic triplet strumming stuff with the index finger and thumb, but I'd like to know that I'm learning it correctly.

So, any good videos or sources in general you guys recommend for this stuff? Thanks.