So for the past week Ive been on a criuse in the eastern carribean.

I took Norwegian Cruise Lines, on the Norwegian Dawn, and let me just say, NEVER TAKE NORWEGIAN!!!!!!!!

First off let me just say, the food sucked. They always advertize "Freestyle Cruising". I say bull sh*t. You need to make reservations for most of the resturaunts on the ship two days in advance, and it still costs extra ($20 per person). And since you're paying extra, that the food would be pretty good. Again, bull sh*t. The food tasted fine, but the portions made you feel anorexic. I ordered a tomato and mozzerella salad and got three halves of grape tomatoes and three iPod shuffle sized peices of mozzerella. Afterward I ordered penne in carbonora sauce. It was good, but I might as well have eaten one of my moms Jenny Craig meals.
The two things that saved me on the trip were the buffet (which tasted like crap) and the ONE restaraunt included in paying for the cruise itself.
Plus the ship wasnt exactly what I would call "fully sanitized." There were handprints on nearly everything, even the outside of a glass elevator (no idea how they got there). The rooms were vacuumed every 3 days, and rareley dusted.
While Im on the matter of the rooms, it was small as hell. My parents booked a suite, and the only thing better than our room on Carnival last year (which cost $800 less to book) was the bathroom, which was about twice the size.

But on the bright side, I met some cool people, went to some fun places, and got a new watch(will post pictures later).
Still overall, 3 out of 5.

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Psh, fuck Norwegian; P&O's where it's at
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i read your bitching and realised american. rest of the world dont pander to customers like in the US..and ive been to Norway and the US and the food is way better there (mmm herring)
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But on the bright side, I went on a cruise.


seriously dude, you went on a cruise that it sounds like you parents paid for; what do you have to bitch about?
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seriously dude, you went on a cruise that it sounds like you parents paid for; what do you have to bitch about?

The cruise cost almost double what Carnival cost last year, and Carnival was better.
old people go on cruises and complain about the quality
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