I think that it's a good idea for thoseof us with a tremolo pedal to discuss and share the settings that we've found or heard about and what they do. Just be sure to include Shape toggle (Triangle wave, Square wave, etc.), Depth, Rate, and the shape knob (more rise, equal rise/fall, more fall)

So I'll start it off, I've got two...

For a Knights of Cydonia type thing (If I'm using a guitar without a whammy), I use:

Toggle: Triangle
Knob: Equal Rise/Fall
Depth: About 2 o'clock to a bit less than 3 o'clock
Rate: About 2 o'clock

Also, for a robotic or Rage Against the Machine-esque tone I use:

Toggle: Square
Knob: Equal Rise/Fall
Depth: Around 2:30
Rate about 10:30
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