Maybe your're getting a bad buzz b/c of the string gauge is 9. Do you know the gauge size?
is the bridge sunk into the body?
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you need to take off the plate on the back and loosen the bridge screws. i just had mine set up professionally becasue im lazy.
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well they were fine in e tuning but i dont know about the gauge theyre still the stocks i haven't changed them yet

Well tbh, I don't really know much about F.R's, but the string gauge could be the problem.
It's prabobly because you have 9 gauge strings, those dont do well in drop tunings. I'd say go for a set of 11's if you're gonna be in D. Part of it could be the action though, sometimes the factory doesnt have it set perfect. The alexi-600 looks like a pretty higher end model though, so you'd think they'd have it set up right. Try putting a new set of strings on and if you still have that buzz, have it set up at a shop.
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Have you also adjusted the springs in the back of your guitar? Like stated above try 11 for gauge size.
There are a couple of excellent FR related tutorials online if you're willing to look for them.
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dude i have the same guitar. i got mine on ebay and the guy had picks so the bridge wouldnt move cuz he was too lazy to get it set up. anyways i have .09s in mine and i play standard e tuning. but i tryed drop d and it was fine. if you look at the 2 screws near where the strings come out, they adjust the action just loosen them up a bit. but youll have to mess with the springs on the bottom. it took me about 4 hours to figure out how the hell to do it. just go to the floyd rose site and it kinda helps then go to youtube and watch videos. otherwise pay 60 to get it set proffessionally. if you do do it yourself, first go smash some bottles to release anger then drink some energy drinks cuz that **** is annoying