I have an opportunity to buy a JCM900 SL-X. Does any body know someone who has one, of have one them selves? Are these better than a DSL I tried searching the forums to no avail and there is no review of this head. I provided a link to the only review I could find and it's just specs and raving it's the amp that Kiss uses.

Would this head be good for Blues and classic rock?

I generally like JCM900s alot more than DSLs. The cleans are really nice and the drive is pretty unique. Kind of high gain but kind of not. For classic rock you would be better suited getting a JCM800 because of the more vintage sound.
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i hanen't tried to SL-X, i'm not sure when they came out. I know that the original JCM900 4100's are pretty good. they are high gain marshalls, more suited for modern/hard rock. don't have the balls or crunch of an 800, but def has the balls that marshalls are known for. Now as for the SL-X, i've heard that's it's not quite up to par with even the older 4100's. but ive never tried one so i'm not sure. my advice to you, is to look for a diff amp since the 900's aren't really known for classic rock or blues as well as other marshall's (even though mine does it nicely). or you could take the risk. as long as it's a high end marshall you really can't go wrong.
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you would be better suited getting a JCM900

Just thought I'd fix that because if you recall, the DSL is also a JCM......JCM2000.

But yeh TS pretty much what acdcrocks said.
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Quote by SurfinWithSatch
Just thought I'd fix that because if you recall, the DSL is also a JCM......JCM2000.

But yeh TS pretty much what acdcrocks said.

Oh yeah. I meant JCM800 but forgot the 800 part. My bad. I'll edit that in there.
Thanks for the input! I think I'm getting a pretty good deal on it so I'll get it and of I don't like it I can always trade it in. Of course anythings better than the super ****ty mg half stack my wife bought me and won't let me get rid of. simply because it was a gift.
the best 900's are the 4100's without a doubt

ive had every model and owned and played a total of around ten 900 heads - always the 4100s!
My 4100 just got retubed. And it's sounding beatuiful.

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