Ok, so I replaced all 4 stock 500k pots in my casino with 1 meg pots. Now I get this weird buzz or pop whenever i touch my strings. Do you think I grounded it wrong or would this just be natural when using 1 meg pots in a single coil setup? Next question: I'm thinking I'll replace two of the pots with 500k push/pulls so I can do phasing or something - I would use 1 meg push pulls, but cant find them in minis which is what i need. Would it matter if my 2 volume knobs were of different values? Same question for tone, and any other combos you can think of. Thanks!

P.S. any ideas for modding a 2 single coil setup? (p90's to be exact)
well, if its single coils, 1 meg is ridiculous retarded high. you need 250k. that could be the reason. 1 meg of resistance is way too muh for single coils. get 250k, 500k still wont work 100% right with single coils and contrary to some beliefs, the high number doesnt make them better. the phasign is a good idea, that would be cool. tone knobs, and volume knobs - 250k. capacitors - .022. nothing else will bring out the full single coil experience.
Why the hell did you put 1meg in? For fixing it, LP Addict hit the nail on the head
Well, it didn't sound like such a terrible idea at the time. They came stock with 500k, which I thought was odd since they are single coil. Those sounded fine so I decided, why not try 1 meg. They sound pretty nice apart from the buzz. I guess I'll just change them back to get rid of the buzz and to prevent any future beratings. Now, any tips on how to go about phasing? I'm pretty new to this stuff. Oh, and if I were to switch to 250k what kind of change would I here? thanks
your volume/tone rolls will sound alot better and you will have more control over your actual volume/tone. if you have 500k resistance on a weak signal, the second you roll to like 9/10, 10/10 being all the way on, you lose almosta ll of your volume. same with tone.
The buzz or pop should have nothing to do with the fact that you are using 1 meg pots in your guitar. It sounds to be more like a grounding issue somewhere. However as it has been said it is better to use 250k pots for single coils, although most companies are putting 500k standard in guitars, easier to just order a heck of a lot of 500k pots than split it up.
Well, I guess I coul see Epiphone cutting corners like that. I'm still curious to know what would happen if the tone pots had different values than the volumes. Anyone?
nothing would really happen. if they were 500k, then you would get less stability with your tone pot when you roll it up/down. if the were 250k ou would have a larger range, eve though its still 1-10, just rolling it down would have less effect, which in turn would give you a larger range of tonal possibilities.