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I know you said medium to long, but this is what came out. Vote kids.

---Tears Aren’t Shed For Dry Words Such As These---

Mistook a smile for acceptance
Just as my hands did too
As they scaled your landscape
Like dogsled fingers searching
Through your snow white magnificence

And I mistook a word for love
In such a foolish manner
As what washed over me then
Seems quite antonymous
To what sneaks past your cherry blossom lips
Now that we’ve gotten into this mess

A crescendo of vacant eyes
Wandering across blooming dejection
Swooning within my chest

Like flies to a lotus
Our draining hearts clog
And our once sugar-coated lust
Dissolves to skeletal beauty
Becoming food for frogs

Which seems, to me, such a suitable ending
For something as prosaic as this…
A concerto of lost promises
That were lost somewhere
Between hello and your thigh
As the subtle jettison of my words
Handed a megaphone to our actions

Now your intentions can’t hide behind blank walls
Feeding affection to your satisfaction

And the mediocrity of my disposition
Casts a fine shadow upon your lacking disguise,
My sweet succubus.
So here’s to us,
And a hollow goodbye.

---The Mouse and the Lawnmower---

Give me braille stop signs.
Give me wheelchairs with
lights, sirens and nightstick holsters.
Give me the limbless olympics
starring Larry 'no legs' as a
breast stroke champion.

I long for stories of heroism.
The good 'ol days when the
frail boy slew the dragon
and the incompetent rabbit
saved a realm of mice from
a lawnmower.

"It's just your point of view,
the grass is greener on the other side."

Guess I just need another Attila the Hun to
show me how good I've got it.
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