okay so i was pretty darn sure i was going to order a RGR421EXFM. its about $450 CAN after taxes and everything


now ibanez tells me that this is supposed to have designed by EMG pups but the site where i would order it from says it has the V7 and V8 Pups, is their an older model that had these pups or is the site description just wrong you think?

after looking at the 421exfm i started looking at the specs for the 321mh.
again according to ibanez its a mahogany guitar but at L.A music it says its Basswood in the spec list but mahogany in the description, hmm


now i am conflicted. either way with the 421 the Pups arent the best, although from what ive heard the emg's should be better than the V7 and V8. BUT if they turn out to be crap i would swap em out for something higher end. The 321 seems to have the same issue. what I want to know is the $100 price difference reflected in the actual differences in the two guitars, assuming the 321 body is mahogany and pups will be changed? as of right now i am leaning toward the 421 due mainly for looks (Flame maple and reverse headstock)

appreciate you thoughts
I've heard REALLY bad things about MG designed Ibanez pickups, worse than stock. Go with the 321, I think.
well i think i've fallen in love with the blackberry burst flame maple top on the RGR421, any pickup issues will be dealt with if need be. thanks for the input ill post picks when i get her