ok so before I knew anything about anything I bought this guitar for 75 dollars.


I read it is a hard acoustic to play... my question is, should I spend 300 - 400 dollars and get a decent acoustic? or should I stick with it? the reason i ask is because I figure learning on a hard as hell to play guitar right now might suck, but would be helpfull in the long run. on the other hand it could also hold back my learning right? what would you do?
I'd say bite the bullet and get some decent stuff to start with. Imo its better to start with something ok then ****
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^Terrible advice. Get a Yamaha FG 700s used. You won't regret it.
Yeah I think i've decided I will be investing in a new/better acoustic. thanks all.
Quote by Cheers
^Terrible advice. Get a Yamaha FG 700s used. You won't regret it.

not at all
have you played one?
great value