i been trying to find this site and i cant remember what it is called but it had famous bands rigs and what guitars they use and even diagrams of there stage setup can anyone help. thanks
wikipedia does to an extent

Edit: just saying incase the other site doesnt have all the bands rigs youre looking up
I like those articles in the back of Guitar World too, but aren't they made by the same guy? At least illustrated, I know. You'd think they would at least add the GW article to the site. I don't know, I haven't been there in so long. Once I realized I couldn't afford that gear, I strove to get good cheap stuff. I do go there for recommendations, though, when I want a specific sound, I usually check there first.
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yeah, you're thinking of guitargeek. but its dormant now. great forum though, the people there know their stuff.
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google: band name + gear
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