Has anyone heard of this brand? I heard someone play one of theirs in a music store lately and was really impressed with the sound! The guitars look simply amazing, but the prices are VERY steep.
I'm not looking into purchasing a new Acoustic at the moment, but just wondering what UG thinks of the brand
Larrivee is quite a large brand actually...

they're built in either the west coast of canada in vancouver or down in california. great guitars, but they're not for me. i just dont enjoy the sound or how they feel, but it's personal preference. i know for a fact that they're very good guitars.
I played a couple of Larrivee this past summer. Loved them, even more than my Martin. Definitely gonna check them out when I look into another accoustic. The guy at the guitar shop even told me he had people trading in Taylors and Martins for them. In the end, its personal preference, but definitely a very nice guitar.
Prices very steep?

Larrivees are some of the best guitars around in their price range. The 03 series are priced well below taylors of equal quality.
I would say the 03 series are some of the bet guitars for the money. They all sound excellent at least to me.
The accent goes on the first e by the way

Not steep prices at all considering the quality. 03s (talking quality, not taste in sound) flatten Martins/Taylors 3 times the price. They're just not as pretty/shiny (but if you're like me and into aesthetic minimalism, you find them very sexy)

The sound (like any brand ... at least they have a sound) is what it is. Records very well. Some like it, some don't. Play them and see for yourself.