Does anyone know any good ways to tell if you are just out of shape, or have exercise induced asthma?
i have bronchial induced asthma

it sux, all of the sudden i start running out of breath and then my chest gets really tight

it used to be that i couldnt breath very well because chunks of mucus were stuck in my windpipes

but know its asthma

if you have it you chest will get really tight like i said and it will feel like your trying to breath throught straws...
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Id like to know too. I know im out of shape, but when i cant breath i use my inhaler and it makes breathing easier so it makes me wonder if its just the asthma. I know i had asthma when i was younger but idk if i grew out of it or not. Im guessing i didnt but who knows.
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Today I was running and I started wheezing and I ended up stopping because I felt like I couldn't breath. BUT, this is the first time I actually exercised in a year, and the first time it has happened to me. Also, afterwards I was coughing and there was some mucus in my throat for a while.
Continue to work. If it's asthma, you'll know if it doesn't go away. You can get a non-prescription inhaler at a drugstore that will help, regardless of asthma problems. Even if you do have asthma, it gets better if you're in good shape.
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I use to have bad asthma as a kid. I outgrew it though when I was like 15. If you suffer from a really hard time breathing while running, and for some time after then it could be asthma. I suggest going to the doctor. If you have asthma the best thing for it is the prescription inhalers they give you. My mom also made me drink elderberry juice for my asthma when I went to bed every night. I dont think it did anything though lol.
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I have exercise induced asthma. I knew that going into my first cross-country season and I sucked balls. But next season I was fine. It just goes away if you use your lungs enough.