I am having a little trouble with John Mayer's Love Soon. I picked it out thinking it wouldn't be too hard and after finding out that it required the use of using one's thumb to fret I figured it would be good practice for a beginner. Unfortunately, I am having a lot of trouble stretching over 3 frets and using my thumb on the low E simultaneously without either deadening the wrong string or making one of the strings needed to play buzz. Is there a key or anything to practice/do that makes stretching your fingers easier?

I know I am at a distinct disadvantage with short fingers but any advice is appreciated. Tab can be found here .

Honestly, John Mayer's style of using his thumb has been the one thing ive found very difficult to do with small hands. I can manage decent stretches and things, but wrapping that thumb around gives me problems sometimes.

The only thing you can really do is try to position your wrist in a way that allows your thumb to wrap around while still fretting the other notes clearly.

But like i said, if you have small hands this might be one of the few things about guitar that you just wont be able to do. Try to play around it.
Ya I think that may be what I have to do. The best compromise seems to be just to let the 3rd string be deadened until the 4th chord on the intro. The other thing about his songs that I am having trouble with is that his strumming patterns can be a bit complicated at times. The main pattern is easy but it seems that he throws something into the transition from one chord to the next in the intro. If anyone has any idea what is going on there, please let me in on it.
I'm a john mayer/srv/hendrix finatic. All of them use their thumbs ahha.

Now my best advice would be just to keep practicing and give it a little while. I had a really hard time with it at first, but now that i have it down i don't think i could play guitar without my thumb. I use it all the time.

My hands are pretty big though, so if you can try it on electric guitar maybe? That was easier for me. But yeah just keep practicing and i hope you get it =D
Good Luck
Thanks for the advice. I gave it a couple hours practice last night and i think I have it down a bit more. It just gets a little more complicated when you throw in fast chord changes. I think it will just have to be something I either work around or get used to as SRV and JM are two of my favorite artists.
Haha yeah it does take a while but trust me it's worth every second of it. Good luck.
Me as well. Huge Mayer fan, HUGE!!! I have small hands as well, and I hope they will grow more, but I have found through practice that E thumbing is possible. Except in songs like 'Neon' and 'Wheel' where I have to find my own way around it. In Neon I use my ring finger, and in Wheel I just keep my thumb on the D note.

BTW, great song choice to learn. I have learned all of his stuff and learned SO SO MUCH
Perhaps you might be able to lend me a hand with the strumming pattern for Love Soon then. I have the chord changes to the intro/verse1 down its just there seems to be something he does when strumming as he progresses from chord to chord. Whenever I do it just doesn't have that smooth sound/feel that he is able to pull from it.
Hmmm...Let me go listen to the song one more time to get the feel of it.

Post Listening: If you are talking about what I think you are talking about, right before the chord change he stays in that chord's shape but lifts his fingers slightly as to mute the strings. It lends itself to a percussive beat before the next bar of chords.