I'm trying to post the chords to a song and i have it done in word. When in word the chords are over the right words, but when I put it in the box on here they all slide over to the left side. I know why it is doing this, but I cant get it to fix.
Here is what it is doing:
D Bm
But all around him the world grows hard
F#m A G F#m Em
He thinks to himself he must have played a lucky card

The Bm is supposed to be over the word "grows" and so on. Any help?
Microsoft word is REEAAALLY annoying to try and do stuff like tabs in. Try just using Notepad, it'll go a lot smoother. Change the font to "Courier New" (that's the "tab font" that makes everything line up for the grids).
Also, don't use tab spacing (as in using the Tab key on the keyboard). The forum doesn't recognise it.