I've never posted before and I'm trying to post the chords to a song and i have it done in word. When in word the chords are over the right words, but when I copy it in the box on here they all slide over to the left side. I know why it is doing this, but I cant get it to fix.
Here is what it is doing:
D Bm
But all around him the world grows hard
F#m A G F#m Em
He thinks to himself he must have played a lucky card

The Bm is supposed to be over the word "grows". Any help?
put spaces?

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

wow, is this ever not a guitar or music question. you just line it up till it works dude. meejones is right, use notepad.
I tried doing it in notepad, but when I click "Preview Your Tab" on the submit page, it still show the chords bunched up on the left.
Don't click preview then

As long as they're lined up correctly in notepad they should be fine when submitted.
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